There are a significant number of staff that work at the school, either in a full or part-time capacity. They are all dedicated to serving the pupils to the best of their ability and are fully qualified.

The staff are as follows:


T Crow                 (Principal and Trustee)

A Parsonage       (Headteacher )

J Chester            (SLT, Senco and DSL)

C Parry               (Forest School and Flexi School, DDSL and SLT)


Nursery and Reception:

J Barron             (EYFS Manager)

D Bedford          (EYFS Deputy and Senco)

C Vevers           (EYFS teacher)

R Baynham       (EYFS assistant)

J Heath             (Reception teacher and DSL Early Years)


Years 1-4:

D Michaela       (Class 1/2 Teacher, SLT)

L Michaela       (Class 3/4 Teacher and TA)

M Rutter           (Teacher)

C Harris           (Class 1/2 Teacher and TA)

S Brannen       (Class 3/4 TA)

C Cawte          (Class 1/2 TA and Cleaner)

L Shirley          (Class 3/4 Teacher)


Years 5-11

C Lloyd            (Teacher)

L Lonergan      (Teacher)

F Pessoa         (Teacher and SLT)

J Rass             (Teacher and SLT)

S Vickers         (Teacher)

S Boyd            (Teacher)

J Hill                (Teacher)

K Jonkers        (Teacher)

P Wood           (Teacher)

C Geuter         (TA)

K Hinchliffe     (TA)

J Mistry           (Specialist TA)

J Nicholls        (Specialist TA)

H Summers    (Specialist TA)


Admin and Grounds

M Cawte     (Site Manager)

J Conway   (School Administrator)

R Conn       (Financial Administrator)

M Palmer    (Cleaner)

M Newell     (Exams Officer)