Richard Wood

The River School is an amazing community of caring, gifted and passionate people who have helped us bring up our three children in a way that very few other schools could.

The school sensitively and actively seeks to place God at the heart of school life by the simple modelling of faith through the lives of every one of the staff. This ethos supports and never contradicts our parental choices for our children.

Amongst the normal, every-day challenges of life we have been amazed and privileged to see the effect of this gentle and purposeful community on the development of our children’s ethical character. We feel they are being prepared to meet life’s challenges with integrity and hope. The wonderful bi-product of this is that we find in our children a serious responsibility for their own learning which motivates them to succeed to their ability.
The River School is a unique and delightful environment in which it is possible to develop the whole person. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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