Thank you!

We will be using this page to say a thank you to individuals and companies that have supported the school in a variety of ways.


Paul Long : 

We are very thankful for Paul Long's help in creating the new school logo, producing excellent photographs of the children- many of which are on this website and displayed around the school and designing the A5 leaflet flyer. We look forward to developing further projects together as  the re-branding of the school continues. See more examples of his work at his website below.

Hughes - the Electrical Experts:

Hughes have supported the school over a number of years. Recently they donated a fridge, display TV and a dishwasher. We are very grateful.

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BDS Europe:

Richard Wood, former Headteacher at the school, and his parent company donated the signage at the bottom of the drive. The school is now more visible from the road. Thank you!

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