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Y11 H Crude oil timeline homework. Hand in 27.11.18.

Y9 Diffusion in beetroot. See attached powerpoint. Hand in 16.10.10

Y9 Comparing prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Use the information sheets to correct mistakes in your answers. Hand in 9.2.10.

Y7/8 Collapsing cans homework. 2.10.18 Hand in 9.10.18

Y10 24.9.18 Defence against pathogens. See slide 5 of the powerpoint below for instructions. Complete the comic strip in your book and hand in on 1.10.18.

Y7/8 Particle model homework. 19.9.18. Hand in 25.9.18

Y10 Bacterial growth. Hand in 24.9.18

Y11 Biology 13.9.18. See help sheet below to complete your conclusion and evaluation. Hand in 17.9.18.

Y10 Triple. Monoclonal antibodies. See ppt.

Y10 Causes of Disease. Follow the instructions on the ppt. to create a leaflet. Include facts from the information sheet and use the peer marking form as guidance when making your leaflet. Hand in 17.9.18.

Y10 Triple Science Homework 5.9.18. Work through the powerpoint and complete the worksheets by 12.9.18.

Y10 Carbon footprint homework. Hand in on 9.7.18

Y10 Homework 21.6.18. Using the attached mark scheme and a RED PEN, add corrections and missed answers to your exam paper, using your own words. Do not copy out the markscheme. Please hand in on 28.6.18

Y10 Biology and Chemistry revision list June 2018 - Mrs Wood (Please See Mr Rass' list for Physics revision).