Decorating the New Classroom

A change of classrooms presented the perfect opportunity for stretching our decorating and DIY muscles over the summer holidays.


After being down in what would have been the master bedroom back in the day, Class 3 and 4 were moving to the attic, which was, in all likelihood, the servants' quarters when Oakfield House was a private residence.


The room is full of character and now it's also full of fresh paint and new carpet! Take a look below to see how the project unfolded.  


After clearing the room of furniture, taking down the fitted shelves at the back of the room, taking off the secondary glazing frame, it was time for the painting to begin. Well, after a lot of sanding down skirting boards and doors.


We had undercoats, a light grey on the main walls, tropical ocean blue on the chimney breast and arch, black on the beam and white gloss on all the woodwork.


After painting came flooring. Up came the carpet along with all the old hardboard, and we fitted new ply board ready for laying down the carpet. Lots of hammering and sawing!


Finally it was time for the new carpet (which we did not fit ourselves!). 

Finishing Touches

With the decorating done it was time to add useful things such as furniture, and to make sure our classroom met all the health and safety requirements. Mrs Brannen came up with the ingenious idea of using rose trellis as window bars: safe and pretty all at the same time!

All Done and Dusted

And there you have it: a shiny new classroom ready for Class 3 and 4. A big thank you to Mrs Brannen and all her family, who spent many hours working to make the room so beautiful, and also to the Cawte family, for rolling up their sleeves to help and supplying us with tea and coffee!