E-Safety and Safeguarding



The staff at The River School recognise we have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm, that the child’s welfare is paramount and that all staff receive regular training to ensure our familiarity with child protection issues. The River School, along with other services for children and families, works hard to support the needs of the children.


There are three Designated Safeguarding Leaders (DSL) at the school:

Mrs J Chester (DSL)

Mrs C Parry (Deputy DSL)

Mrs J Heath (EYFS DSL)

There is also a named trustee for Child Protection and Safeguarding: Mrs L Cave.


The Safeguarding policy can be found in the policies section on this website and a copy can be obtained from the School Office upon request. The policy is reviewed and updated annually in line with local and national advice or legislation.



Online safety education and training is both an opportunity and a challenge for parents and schools. At The River School, our online safety education is about training the children to use the internet and related technologies safely and wisely.


We see it as a partnership, with our role in school being to supplement the work that parents are already carrying out at home. Our online safely training is led by our experienced staff team.


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