Ancient Greek Day March 2020

The children in Class 5 & 6 had a Greek Day and dressed as Ancient Greeks.  They learned about the Greek philosophers and had a debate on who was the greatest.  They brought Greek food in their lunch boxes and tried vine leaves stuffed with rice, yoghurt, spinach and feta pies, olives and much more.


In the afternoon, they tried different games that the Greeks would have taken part in at the first Olympics.


They also built an Ancient Greek city out of cardboard and recycled objects and created a promotional video for tourists who would like to visit their city.  Buildings included temples, gymnasium, stoa, agora and typical greek homes of the day.  They learned a lot about Greek architecture and city life from this activity.


The English Civil War Trip - Autumn 2019


We recently visited the Commandery in Worcester to learn more about the Civil War and the important role that Worcester played in the outcome of the war.


We looked at the armour worn by the soldiers and took part in a 'canon drill', using an original canon from the war.  We really enjoyed that part of the trip!  


Then, after lunch, we were taken around the city walls and along the river, following the armies footsteps as they would have entered the city.  We were shown the holes made in the walls by musket shots.  We even walked along New Street, where Charles I would have run to hide in what is now a pub.



The English Civil War Trip

India Day


Year 5 and 6 have immersed themselves in the culutre of India this term.

In Geography, they have been studying about the Adavasi people, the land and their way of life. As a part of this project, they participated inIndia Day’; starting the day with exercise and outdoor games like dodgeball, ate a wonderful homecooked Indian meal together for lunch, performed poetry through dance and created henna art. It was a fantastic experience and gave an insight of day to day life in India.