Exam Results

G.C.S.E. Results 2019


Once more our G.C.S.E. students achieved some excellent results in 2019. With a small cohort of only 8 students, they worked incredibly hard and should be proud of their achievements. The initial findings are shared below. (These are subject to change as appeals are upheld over the course of September and October.)

The headlines:

  • 100% achieved 5 or more G.C.S.E. passes (Grades 4-9)
  • 100% passed Eng Literature, Religious Studies, French and Geography
  • 100% passed the Asdan qualification
  • The Top Grades ‘7,8 & 9’ were achieved across 7 subjects (Eng Language, Mathematics, Science, History, Art, Geography and Religious Studies)
  • 50% achieved a distinction in Spoken English


Progress (targets generated from the nationally recognised Cognitive Assessment Tests (CAT scores)


  • 100% exceeded their targets in Geography
  • 83%   exceeded their targets in History
  • 100% met or exceeded their targets in Geography, History, French, Science and Religious Studies
  • 83% met or exceeded their targets in English language
  • 48% exceeded their target grades in all subjects



G.C.S.E. Results 2018

There were some significant highlights, including A* and 9s! To see our press release please select the icon below.


(There were only 7 mixed-ability students in the cohort, of whom 3 were on the SEN register, 2 had EHCPs, 1 was a LAC and 1 ex LAC)

Here are the key headlines:

  • We were above the National and Worcester county average
  • 71% achieved Grades 4-9 in both Eng and Maths – highest pass rate in 3 years and above both local and national
  • 86% exceeded their Religious Studies target
  • 71% exceeded their History target
  • 100% passed Eng Literature, Triple Science, History, Spanish and Music
  • One student achieved 11 G.C.S.E.’s Grade 5 or above
  • 57% achieved distinctions in Spoken English
  • 100% pass rate in Asdan qualification
  • The top Grade of 9 or A* was scored in 3 subjects- History, Religious Studies and Spanish (8.1% of exams taken)

G.C.S.E. Results 2017


We are proud of the achievements of all students who pass through the school and 2017 was no exception.  As an academically non-selective school, we have a mixed range of abilities and the students excelled. Here are some of the headlines:


  • 50% of pupils achieved at least 5 G.C.S.E.s at A/A* or 7-9, with 36% of all exams taken resulting in A/A* or 7-9 grades.
  • 100% of pupils left with at least 5 qualifications at a pass (C/4) or better, including BTech Cookery and ASDAN
  • 67% of pupils achieved a minimum of 5 GCSEs A*-C or 4-9 
  • English, English Literature, Religious Studies , Biology, Physical Education, Geography, & Music had 100% A*-C (4-9) pass rates.
  • Non-GCSE subjects BTech Cookery & ASDAN had 100% pass rates
  • Especially well-performing subjects were:
    • English Literature (75% of grades were at a 7 or better)
    • Religious Studies (50% of grades at A/A*)
    • Geography (60% of grades at A*)
    • Biology (60% of grades at A/A*)
    • Music (50% of grades at A)