History of The River School

History of The River School

The River School was formed to provide a Christian school where education was taught from a distinctly Christian worldview. 


In September 1985 a small group of teachers and 35 pupils walked through the doors of Oakfield House and The River School began. It was the fulfilment of a long-standing vision that had been held by Tim and Joanna Crow, Tim’s mother, Helen and a small group of supporters who had stood together in faithful prayer for some years. Since then the school has grown and extended the age range from 2-16 years. After Year 11 our students have moved on to study or follow apprenticeships in other places.


The story of the school is one of faith, sacrifice and miraculous answers to prayer. The Oakfield House site was bought for £150,000 after an offer was accepted when the Trust had only £5 to its name. Staff, pupils, teaching resources and money all arrived as answers to prayer. Pupils and staff alike experienced miraculous healing and have known God’s clear guidance in a great variety of situations.


The story of how God provided Oakfield House for the establishment of the school is an exciting one that has been documented elsewhere. Early on we also acquired a site in Barbourne where the Nursery and Key Stage 1 were house until 2000 AD. That site was then sold and the school consolidated its activities on the Oakfield site. Numbers have fluctuated over the years, exam results have been above average to outstanding consistently, and outbuildings have been developed or constructed to enrich the provision of the school.


There are many stories of the ways in which God has acted in the life of the school in answer to prayer over the 30 years since it was started. Many things have changed and developed but the original vision of a school run by Christians and open to all has remained at its core. As we move forward we are excited about the next phase of our development and history. We anticipate that the future will indeed be brighter than the past exciting years.


You can read more about the origins of the school in a short book written by Tim Crow for the 10th anniversary of the school, available from the School Office. Alternatively, “The Love of God in the Classroom” features our story, as well as those of similar schools across the country.


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