Year 7 and 8

Topics that are studied will include:

Internet communicaiton and E-safety

Use of spreadsheets and word processing

How computers work

Microbit: programming

Coding using Python


Graphic Design



Year 9


Advanced use of spreadsheets 

Computer Systems

How Computers show data


Game Design



 Computer Science is a very challenging and rewarding qualification.  There is a significant emphasis on a students ability to solve logical problems through computational thinking and Maths. GCSE: computing course offered to pupils who wish to take it.



Dell PC Rebuild

Still image for this video
The students tested the PC and found that the motherboard had broken. This video shows a complete rebuild of the PC- which is now working and will be used specifically for graphics and media creations.
Examples of Students' Work 

Music creations

Using beatlabs students put basic components together to make musics tracks. Some students used Audacity to put several of these tracks together to make a more complex composition.