Music is a vital part of our school and we have always had a keen musical tradition, even winning national awards for our music teaching and performing standards.


We have a wide number of peripatetic music lessons available at the school, which are privately arranged with the different teachers who come in to take the classes. Instrument tuition is available on;

  • piano
  • violin
  • guitar
  • ukulele 
  • bass
  • flute
  • clarinet 
  • saxophone
  • recorder 
  • drums

KS3 Music

In years 7&8 we study some different areas of music, including music from other countries and cultures around the world. We listen to music and learn to explain what we can hear, and we also begin to learn how music is written down so that we can start to compose our own music. We use computer music software to make our own music as well as working in groups to write songs. The aim is to listen to lots of different types and styles of music and broaden our musical horizons! This year we have studied (amongst other things) vocal music, the orchestra and Rock 'n Roll!