ISI Inspection-A Delight to Read

The River School ISI Inspection Report has just been released and we are delighted by its findings. The school was judged 'excellent' in many areas. We are so proud of our pupils and community.


Headlines include:


  • Pupils have a strong moral understanding as shown by their excellent behaviour;
  • All groups of pupils, including those with SEND, achieve well and make good progress relative to their starting points;
  • Pupils’ communication skills are excellent and are developed from an early age;
  • Pupils have excellent self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • Pupils’ spiritual understanding and appreciation of the non-material aspects of life are excellent;
  • Pupils have positive attitudes to learning, demonstrating determination and great resilience;
  • Pupils are supported well by small class sizes and the high aspirations of staff who know them individually very well.


The full report can be read on the Inspection page on our website. (ISI Inspection Report page)


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