River School Bees

An excerpt from our Hive Diaries  ...

The Bees' Arrival


First Mr and Mrs Cawte got the bees from a man in Gloucester.

Secondly we found out about the portable hive that was called a nuclear (nuke) hive.

Then we assembled the new hive for the bees to live in.

Next we filled a feeder with sugar water so the bees could settle into their new home.

We then opened the nuclear hive and some of the bees flew out but most stayed in the box.

We put all the wax trays into their new home.  Amazingly Joe found the Queen again but she was only a young Queen as she was smaller and had lighter colours on her.

Mrs Cawte had to shake the box to get the rest of the bees out of the bottom of the box.

They have settled in well they are happy, healthy and producing lots of honey.



Hive Inspection


Date of Inspection:  Tuesday 19th June 2018

Contributors - Maia Sivell, Joe Langford, Millie Baynham


First we got on our bee suits and we looked like white bin bags with a huge net on our head. Secondly, we lit a cardboard roll that went into the smoker.  It had made the bees drowsy. Then we took out the lowest tray of the hive out and saw there was lot of mites so we had to give it a clean. Next we had to find the queen which Joe found.  We also found some Larva which is good for the hive.