Subject Areas

Science. Learning Objective: to discover the scaled distance between planets (4th March 2020)

Working together
We decided how to present our planets
We measured very carefully
We needed a lot of loo roll for the outer planets!
We needed to convert km into cm using scaling
We needed to be very accurate
Then we labelled our planets carefully
Each group worked independently
We used scaling from Maths to find the distances
We showed the distances with the planets
Hard work to be accurate
Miss Glover gave extra instructions to extend them
Look how far the sun is from Mercury!
This group chose a heliocentric presentation
This method was very visual

Maths. Learning Objective: Use a protractor to calculate missing angles around a point. (24th February 2020)

Teaching the children on the smart board
Puzzling the problem
Hard at work
Discussing how to use the protractors
Measuring accurately the angles
Lots of angles to measure!
Pausing to study
Great student, thinking hard
Hard at work, measuring accurately
Finding the angles in a triangle
Coming together for the plenary
Wrapping up ... not just the tables!