Year 1 and 2 Overview

Year 1 and 2 are taught as a small mixed age class. Each child is seen as an individual and teachers are well aware that each one is different with a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses.


The children benefit from a wide variety of differentiated activities provided by excellent teaching staff, each bringing their own individual gifts and expertise to the class ethos, whilst being supported by very experienced Teaching Assistants.


We focus upon providing a safe, secure and happy environment in which opportunities are provided that support, help and develop social skills and self-confidence. They also learn appropriate behaviour and how to manage their feelings.


In a small class the children’s individuality can be affirmed, within a context of mutual respect. It is rewarding to see their confidence grow as they have the opportunity to share their views and listen to others. Within the class each child develops educationally at their own speed, lessons are differentiated accordingly and working groups are flexible. There are opportunities for one to one work with children with specific needs. We are committed to promoting an understanding of the natural world and society from a biblical perspective and to giving pupils that added dimension of the realisation of God in all of life. This will mean that talk of spiritual things will not be restricted to Bible Study and Devotional times; we will seek to view everything, in every area of the curriculum, from a biblical worldview.


Setting the flavour of the day we start with a varied devotional time, sometimes incorporating Bible Study and memory verses. For mathematics teaching we use a comprehensive scheme that incorporates on-going assessment to inform the next step in learning. Work is adapted to match the varied levels of mathematical ability so that children are challenged, but not out of their depth. English is supported by a variety of resources and includes regular phonic teaching. We use a variety of approaches to teach children to read to cater for those children who have differing learning styles. The core of our reading and comprehension and grammar work is based on Oxford Reading Tree material. Handwriting is deemed as important and we encourage children to begin joining by Year 2 using a cursive joined style.


By Year 2 children are confidently learning spellings at home, supported by activities in school. Science, DT, Art, Music and Topic (including Geography and History) and Outdoor Activities are taught in the afternoons. We encourage physical development and well-being through our comprehensive P.E lessons. Where possible, we incorporate the use of our beautiful school grounds giving them experience of Forest School activities, pond dipping, feeding chickens and gardening! The children have regular opportunities to use laptops and control technology learning Computing skills to equip them for later learning.


Pupils make progress in an encouraging and positive atmosphere, come on a visit and see!