Year 4 - Extensions

Please find below a selection of activities aimed at extending the learning of Year 4 students. 


Some documents contain multiple pages of work; feel free to complete them in any order and in any time frame.

Maths Activities
Reading Comprehension Activities

Spelling Activities

Every Word document in this section will contain several versions of the same activity but use a different list of words each time. For example List 1 will appear in every document.


Rather than working through several pages of word jumbles or definitions etc., I recommend completing the activities for one list at a time.


For example, if you were starting with List 1, you would need to find it in the definitions document, the alphabetical order document, the word jumble document and so forth, and encourage your child to complete those activities before moving onto a different list of words.


Hopefully once you have a look at the documents, it will become clearer.

Grammar and Punctuation Activities