Year 5 & 6

Welcome to our Year 5 & 6 webpage.  My name is Mrs Pessoa and I am the Class Teacher.  I have taught at The River School for 11 years.


The learning environment in Years 5 & 6 is an exciting mixture of individual, pair and whole class work. Pupils have opportunities to develop their abilities and work on improving their weaknesses both academically, and in terms of character and spiritual development. To help prepare pupils for their future lives they are encouraged to grow in wisdom and discernment as they apply Biblical truth and develop critical thinking. 

The Blue Tits are nesting. How lovely. A glimpse of God's Creation creating!

World Book Day 2020

POLICE VISIT January 2020


West Mercia Police came into school to speak to the children about the police force and what they did.  We were told about all the different areas of policing including mounted police, dog handling, traffic control and flying the helicopters.  We also learned that the Police keep people safe.  They will be coming back to tell us more later in the term.

Coppicing Hazel with the Duckworth Trust

We have another Forest School site that we would like to develop at school.  We will be building a shelter out of Hazel branches which are coppiced by the Duckworth Trust at a local woodland site.  They very kindly gave us the Hazel that we collected one afternoon.  We are looking forward to being part of the team who will build the permanent shelter in our Forest School area.

Christmas 2018

Our Handmade Christmas Tree

How a young man and woman would have dressed in the 1500's.We are studying the Elizabethans in History this term and on Wednesday 5th December, we invited Discover History to come in and show us how the Elizabethans lived their daily lives.  We tried on clothes that they would have worn and learned how sheep and wool had made England great!

Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes ready to go!! (2018)


Pumpkin Harvest 2018

We are learning how to care for bees. We have 3 hives at the moment.