Exam Results

We are proud of the achievements of all students who pass through the school and 2017 was no exception.  As an academically non-selective school, we have a mixed range of abilities and the students excelled. Here are some of the headlines:

GCSE Results 2017

  • 50% of pupils achieved at least 5 GCSEs at A/A* or 7-9, with 36% of all exams taken resulting in A/A* or 7-9 grades.
  • 100% of pupils left with at least 5 qualifications at a pass (C/4) or better, including BTech Cookery and ASDAN
  • 67% of pupils achieved a minimum of 5 GCSEs A*-C or 4-9 
  • English, English Literature, RS, Biology, PE, Geography, & Music had 100% A*-C (4-9) pass rates.
  • Non-GCSE subjects BTech Cookery & ASDAN had 100% pass rates
  • Especially well-performing subjects were:
    • English Literature (75% of grades were at a 7 or better)
    • RS (50% of grades at A/A*)
    • Geography (60% of grades at A*)
    • Biology (60% of grades at A/A*)
    • Music (50% of grades at A)