The River School Fees 2018-19

The River School is an independent Christian school run by a charity- The Worcester Christian Education Trust. This means that it is entirely dependent on parents and others for income.


The school charges fees to help cover the running costs and these are reviewed annually to reflect the real value of education each child, based upon the budget for the coming year. To help parents who have more than one child at the school, a % reduction is applied to siblings.


We recognise that not all families can afford the full fees, so we operate an Assisted Fees Scheme which is based on income assessment. (Wherever possible, we don't want fees to be a barrier to your child accessing our high quality Christian education.)


Number of Children

Monthly Total

Annual Total







3 or more

Please contact the school- discounts apply


Fees must be paid by twelve monthly standing order payments (or may be paid annually or termly in advance by agreement with the Financial Administrator) on the first of each month.


Please phone the School Office on (01905) 457047 or email info@riverschool.co.uk to find out more.


The Nursery  and Reception Fees for 2018-19


The Brook Nursery and Reception (until aged 5) offer up to 30 hours which are funded through the LA Nursery Education Funded hours (NEF) scheme.

Reception Fees: £125 per month until the child turns 5. Once the child turns 5 the fee increases to £250 per month.

Additional Nursery Hours Costs 

2 year olds: £3.95               3&4 year olds: £3.65 


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